10 Must Have Bible Journaling Supplies

Hello royalty!

I am so excited to share with you my essentials for bible journaling as this is a question I am often asked. To be 100% transparent, when I started this journey in my bible, I didn’t know anything about anything, lol. It was just me, a regular pen, my journaling  bible and Jesus–and that was really all that I needed. However, over the past two years, I have learned to use additional supplies and techniques to beautify my bible even more. The most important part of this entire journaling process is what you are learning from God’s word!

I want you to experiment with the following tools. If you find you don’t like some or all of these, abandon them until you find your own favorites. Also, I am not suggesting anything that I have never used. I have also included direct, affiliate links to the products that I suggest. This will allow me to potentially earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

  1. Journaling Bible. I have spent my entire childhood and adult life reading the King James version of God’s holy Word, but for journaling I prefer the ESV (English Standard Version) Single-Column Journaling Bible. There is added space in the margins for journaling, drawing and other types of illustrations to document what God’s Word means to me. The height of a sheet of paper, this bible is extremely portable. While the pages are thin, learning how to prep the pages or learning effective supplies to use can assist in not making major mistakes.

  2. Pencil and Eraser. I am sure you have pencils already in your home! Make sure you have a large eraser too–especially if you are just beginning. I always sketch out my words or illustrations before applying any ink or color. Mistake prevention 101, lol. (Note: there were a few times I tried to journal without my pencil and ran out of space for letters! Don’t forget this part of the process!) Tracing images on your page is also a great way to start creating illustrations in your bible.
  3. Pens. Not just any old pen will do! Because the pages of a journaling bible can be thin, it is essential to try and find writing utensils that will not bleed through the page (if they do, it’s ok! There is a remedy for that too!). My favorites are the Micron pens which come in a variety of nib sizes and colors. They are also filled with archival ink which does not fade over time. My other favorite pens are anything by Staedtler–also fine points and a variety of colors. If I may add, this brands always comes in cool packaging too!
  4. Paint. I love painting in my bible and it is so easy! Acrylic paint shows up vividly on the pages and acts as a sealant for the thin pages. You can write over acrylic paint with a permanent marker and it will not bleed through! Watercolor paint on bible pages looks dreamy. It doesn’t hold the color like watercolor paper but the colors are still vibrant enough to paint a beautiful picture.
  5. Stickers. Thank God we are allowed to used stickers at any age, lol! I use them daily, mostly for bible journaling and planning. If your drawing or tracing skills need improvement, stickers will save the day! The following are a few of my favorite faith stickers from a few of my favorite brands:
  6. Stamps. Rubber and transparent stamps can also help in forming beautiful illustrations on your bible pages. When using clear stamps, be sure to also have a stamp block to adhere the stamps to before use. Paired with archival ink, stamps are a match made in heaven for your biblepages! The following are a few examples of both:
  7. Washi Tape. Washi tape is just like regular tape in that it is sticky and adheres to paper. However, washi tape has decorative, colorful patterns and can be easily pulled up to be maneuvered.
  8. Page Markers. From tabs, to ribbon paperclips or washi tape along the edges of the bible pages, it is important to have the pages you illustrate marked so that you can easily find them again.
  9. Tip Ins. Tips ins are easy and fun! When used, you are basically adding an additional piece of paper to the bible page you are journaling on. Tips ins can be flipped back and forth to reveal both sides, often with secret journaling underneath. Applied with washi tape, tip ins are beautiful embellishments.
  10. Inspiration. Looking at the bible pages of other journalers can give you ideas of new techniques to use (and scriptures to illustrate). You can find examples on Pinterest, Instagram (follow the hashtag #biblejournal) and blogs (thanks for following mine but a blog that inspires me is this one and this one).

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Sound off in the comments: If you are a newbie to bible journaling, which tools will you purchase today? If you are veteran in bible journaling, which tools do you use the most?

xo, LaQuisha

The Confident Canvas

3 thoughts on “10 Must Have Bible Journaling Supplies

  1. stylewithacee says:

    A good glue stick is one of my favorite tools because I like to use tissue paper instead of paint and I like to cut out words and images from magazines and catalogues. Also the print and prays too. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your process!

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