Prayers Before Pumps: Beauty According to God

This is a guest blog post written for the @windingpathdaily February Beauty Series.

Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces. (Psalm 34:4 NLT)

On the week of Valentine’s Day, many will plan to be beautiful for their loved one. They will shop for an ensemble that will dazzle, style their hair to be breathtaking, search for the perfect shade of lipstick and wear shoes that could be painful, but pretty. Accessories may be layered and perfume will be squirted a few extra times. This is a day of beauty and of course, if we complete all of the aforementioned tasks, we nailed it right?


We only accomplish what the world wants wants to see by dressing up. What the world sees as beauty could be a stench to God. If you are “pretty ugly” you are only dressed up on the outside. How do you prevent the stench?

Psalms 34:5 tells us to look to God for help. Our help in beautifying ourselves does not come from a retail store or a hair stylist. Dressing up should enhance the beauty that lies within. However, beauty within cannot exist if you are looking down on yourself with disappointment or looking back at your past with regret. When you fully trust God to seek Him daily (look up) and believe that He is holding your hand as you move forward (no shadow of shame), this is when you become beautiful! This is a divine beauty that takes on a physical manifestation: you become radiant in ways that people question (why is she always so happy?) and unashamed in ways that people don’t understand (He did that to you and you forgave him?).

We must maintain this inner beauty the same way we do outer beauty: get up early to prep (instead of applying makeup, we apply prayer), look in the mirror to ensure the reflection is the one that we desire (do you truly reflect God’s image?) and refresh throughout the day as necessary (if it wears off, reapply—pray frequently).

So how do we really get ready for our valentine? By seeking God and not looking back at our pasts with shame. You cannot be radiant looking at a dark place. You cannot see the greatness in your future if your head is always turned backwards (I mean, ask Lot’s wife…)

Besides, God will go beyond even what we consider a real man will do: make you forget all about your past, excited about your future and make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world! Yep, God’s got swag…

Put on your prayers before your pumps! Enhance your beauty within first! Hallelujah anyone? 🙌🏽

Thanks to Megan (@windingpathdaily) for having me be a part of this awesome project! Check out her page to read additional entries from other beautiful queens! ✨👑✨

3 thoughts on “Prayers Before Pumps: Beauty According to God

  1. Suite Creativity says:

    Beautifully written reminder for us all. Thanks for the nudge to readjust my a.m. ritual and begin again to command my morning at the feet of our Creator and King! 👑

    Liked by 1 person

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