A Weekend Full of Crafting!

Hey friends! And I mean it, FRIENDS! The month of February has been such a key to unlocking in real life all of the lovely women I’ve been talking to in Instagram! It started with the His Tribe Retreat in Ohio and culminated with the Creative DMV Divas and the DMV 1407 Planners!

The Creative DMV Divas | Saturday…

I met my lovely friends, @chelacreates, @printprayslay, @constancewilson.co and @craftymeka of @capitolchicdesigns! I have been following and chatting with them forever! Lol… so to put the hug behind the screen name was so sweet!

They did not tell me what to bring, so it looked like I ended up moving out of my craft room, lol! I brought everything! I brought so much that I ended up teaching everyone how to make planner/bible bows and had enough fabric and paper clips for everyone to make multiple bows to take home!

Birthday gifts and re-stash pile, lol… thank you @creativesandy, @chelacreates and craftymeka for these goodies!

But wait, there’s more… after opening my new Planner Society kit at the meetup, going through Lameka’s destash stash (Yes Lord!) and trying my best to get a snack out of the vending machine, we migrated from our meetup location to the most magical place on earth: The Queen’s Ink!

You see that little lady in the photo above? That’s Patty and she is MY friend! Her craft store brought joy to my soul… an unexplainable feeling really… crowns everywhere, photos of queens, quotes about being a queen… I just wanted to pack up the entire store and take it home, lol. I found some beautiful treasures like my new purple luggage, 3 new Lamy calligraphy pens, stamps and paper pad. I felt like she had supplies that are hard to find… unique crafting items surrounded me! Terri, who also worked in this palace, gave me an extensive lesson on different types of pens and showed me in her personal journal how they write. Terri and Patty wrote me a sweet note and Patty gifted me a stamp for for a Queen!

My findings at the Queen’s Ink:

You would think that was enough… nope. Constance and I found ourselves at Hobby Lobby afterwards! Lol!

Thank you, Constance for your thoughtfulness! She gave me these beautiful butterfly storage boxes for my birthday because they had my favorite colors! I am so in love with each and every queen I met on this day!

The 1407 Planners | Sunday…

When I shared my photo of my planner spread for the week, I mentioned that everyone must observe that I had 2 @goldmineandcoco planner girl stickers for the weekend… Today was the day to meet with the DMV 1407 Planners! Here was the final look of that spread (all of the dolls pictured can be purchased from goldmineandcoco.com. Use code confident20 for a discount!) :

This weekend was my first time attending a craft or planner meetup. Both Saturday and Sunday I drove at least 45 minutes on way to meet these beauties… and it was SO worth it!

Everyone took home at least one prize and all of the prizes were fabulous! I left with 2 new pengems in my favorite colors (purple and gold) and found out a great source to purchase pens from on Etsy: Couture Pens (thanks @lovetemple79!). While I have a group photo, this isn’t even all of the planner girls who attended. A few had to leave early, but I was so grateful to not only meet them but have conversations just surrounding planners and journals! (I mean, where else can I do that other than a meetup? I think my hubby listens for moral support, lol)

My re-stash pile:

In a nutshell, I learned from the His Tribe Retreat to find your tribe and love them hard… I am so glad to add to my collection of crafty friends and I will love them all hard and forever!

Have you ever attended a meetup for crafters? Have you experienced meeting an awesome social media friend in real life? Please share in the comments below! Until the next awesome thing that happens in my life (which will probably be tomorrow, lol)…



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3 thoughts on “A Weekend Full of Crafting!

  1. robinludwig says:

    The first really cool local scrapbook store I shopped at, called Remember This, Remember That, sponsored a retreat in Colorado & 15 of us crafty girls piled into an extended van & took a road trip across Kansas. We met up with 10 more Colorado crafty girls for a three day craft happening. We Kansas girls really bonded over the five days (It took a day to travel there & back!) some of those women are my best friends now. You’re right-it’s so powerful to find your tribe! Speaking of which…I would love to meet you someday. Ever think about visiting KC? Or maybe I could come to next year’s tribe gathering. I’d love to know more about that! It looks like you had a blast! I’m so happy for you, sweet Queen! ❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Minister Jeanie Shepard says:

    Hi LaQuisha! What fun! I enjoyed viewing each and every picture. Thank you so much for sharing. Many of the crafts reminded me of just how much I use to love paper dolls when I was a child. Boy, do I miss those days! Also, I was blown away by the Queen Ink Shop, when I first saw you standing in front of the shop I thought that you owned it!! I thought how perfect for her!! Thank you for all that you do Queen! I love and admire you! May God continue to bless the work of your hands and guide your footsteps.

    Liked by 1 person

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