Silent No More: The #RevealYourTeal Campaign

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (#SAAM) and the awareness ribbon color is teal. Teal is a mixture of the colors blue and green, similarly to how the lives of sexual abuse and assault survivors can be a mixture of buckets of tears (blue) and great prosperity (green). The shame can be overcome; the victimization can be conquered. I conquered it almost 2 decades ago successfully–others can too.

As a victim and survivor, I needed to hear someone share that I could make it, that my voice and my story mattered, that I wasn’t alone… I have dedicated my life to being the person I didn’t have.

Help me paint social media teal by sharing teal inspired creations using the hashtag #RevealYourTeal! What a message of love, hope and strength that will be shared with the millions of survivors who may live day-to-day with the feeling of being alone. This feeling is common but it doesn’t have to continue…

Here are the rules:

Who: Everyone! You will share your teal inspired creation(s); your audience will engage with your post; together you and your audience will start a dialogue that can begin the healing process for so many!

What: Each week, different types of creative platforms will be shared. Participate in all that you can!

When: April 1st – April 31st

Why: 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18. If you are not a survivor, you certainly know someone who is even if they haven’t told you.

Where: All social media platforms, especially Instagram and Facebook.

How: Post at least once based on the weekly theme. Tag @confidentcanvas (so I can find and love on your post) and #RevealYourTeal. If you use one of the freebies from our sponsors, please also tag them.

Note: Your followers may comment on the beauty of your creations–please share in your caption(s) why you have created your art. Your followers may freely share their own stories. Allow them to but don’t question them. Say statements like “You are not alone” and “I believe you” to encourage them to continue speaking out. Finally, as much as you would like to save everyone, you can’t. Direct those who need it to the resources below–DO NOT take on trying to personally help individuals. Do not give out your personal contact information. You must keep yourself, survivors/victims protected and covered in prayer throughout this campaign.


National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)

National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline: 800.656.HOPE (4673)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1.800.273.8255

A request was made to see examples of what I am looking for… I am sharing an example of an idea for each week, but the truth is however you share will be a blessing! Even if you create jewelry, make it teal and share! Someone’s breakthrough could come through the work of your hands…

The following are ideas for each week:

Week 1: Bible Journaling

Week 2: Planner Spread

Week 3: Journal

Week 4: Lettering

To support you in your creativity, we have some feeebies generously donated by our sponsors! The first set of freebies, created by team member, @Pupocoarts, will be available on March 31st only ($4 after this date).

Other freebies and more will be uploaded throughout the month of April in the Confident Canvas Facebook group! Join to get 2 freebies today from @poshpieces and @thecraftyways_!

A special thank you to our Creative Sponsors. Your generosity means the world to me and survivors everywhere!











Special thanks to our weekly teams! Follow them on Instagram for ideas and inspiration!

Week 1:

April 2nd-7th

Monday: @topknotsandjesus

Tuesday: @mikiamonay

Wednesday: @lori_752

Thursday: @Kristen.lvs

Friday: @colorfuljulie

Saturday: @iam_angelamarrero

Week 2:

April 8nd-14th

Monday: @dionne_onassis

Tuesday: @snooksjournalnook

Wednesday: @journaljotandjive

Thursday: @nickiplans

Friday: @kristen.lvs

Saturday: @mikiamonay

Week 3:

April 15th-21st

Monday: @hopedreamjournal

Tuesday: @snooksjournalnook

Wednesday: @journaljotandjive

Thursday: @nickiplans

Friday: @iam_angelamarrero

Saturday: @mikiamonay

Week 4:

April 22nd-28th


Tuesday: @beebeesletters

Wednesday: @pearlfectlylettered

Thursday: @snooksjournalnook

Friday: @journaljotandjive

Saturday: @colorfuljulie

A special shoutout to my Creative Team Members for their unwavering support, @Topknotsandjesus and @pupocoarts! They not only work hard behind the scenes on this campaign but they are also sponsors. I appreciate them more than they know!

Let us know in the comments if you are joining us in this awareness campaign–we would love to see encouragement from your heART!



The Confident Canvas

6 thoughts on “Silent No More: The #RevealYourTeal Campaign

  1. says:

    Queen LaQuisha, this safe space you’ve created is awe-inspiring. My prayer is that the ministry of healing and reconciliation consume every single post of #revealyourteal. God is up to something so much bigger than you. Your willingness to engage and include us all the way you do is honorable. I’m proud to call you friend. Big hugs! Mad love! – Queen Constance


  2. Pamela Potter says:

    You’re work within (and outside) this community is inspiring and beautiful! You shine joy, bravery and confidence every where you go. It’s contagious in the best of ways. I feel blessed to know you, your story, and your successes. Love you Queenie, more than you think. 💜


  3. Minister Jeanie Shepard says:

    Hi LaQuisha! I admire you and how brave you are. I thank God for creating you to be the perfect example of a real life WARRIOR QUEEN! It makes my heart happy to see how you share your beautiful talents and gifts with other people all around the globe. I love you dearly. May you continue to shine in the glory God has given you alway.


  4. beautywithaplan says:

    Queen, we are more than halfway through the month and I am AMAZED at all the LOVE and SUPPORT. So many people are posting such beautiful and creative work. I am truly INSPIRED! Did you see my daily planner page yesterday? I too pleased with myself … I found some TEAL-ISH stickers and I ran with it LOL. I can’t wait to use some of the CUTE printables this week for journaling.


  5. Phyllis J Jackson says:

    Hey LaQuisha! I watched your interview during the Flourish Bible Journaling conference. Thank you for being a beacon of light to so many. I am also a survivor, and so is my husband. Now that the campaign during April is over, is there another or different # to reach you? My Bible journaling walk only started a few months ago, but it has given me much joy!


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