Do you love the idea of receiving beautiful letters and/or packages via your mailbox? Sign up for #ConfidentMail to get a partner!


Hey Royalty! It’s August and it’s almost time to go back to school which of course means back to the basics!  This month’s theme is black and white with a pop of color—share some beautiful black and white mail with your partner’s favorite color popped in! You can send stationery, stickers, pens, customized or hand crafted trinkets! Be creative in your approach—no mail is too big or too small!


  • Sign up between now and August 7th by completing the form below. Your partner will be emailed to you by August 10th.
  • Once you have received your partner’s information, connect! Send them a greeting either via email or Instagram message.
  • Post 2 photos: 1. A picture of the confident mail you are sending (please do not disclose your partner’s mailing address) and 2. A picture of the mail that you receive. For both photos, use #confidentmail so that we can find and love on your photos!
  • All #confidentmail must be mailed by the last day of the designated month. There is no minimum spending amount–give as you would like to see given to you!

Have fun and create away! Our goal is to light up someone else’s mailbox with love! However, if you fail to send your partner the mail requested, you will no longer be able to sign up for future exchanges. We have ZERO tolerance for taking advantage of others. If you need more time or have a hiccup, email us at before the designated month ends.

Sign ups are now closed. Please check back on September 1st.