Revival Camp 2018: Explore


Hello Campers!! I am having a blast spending all of this time in the wild Illustrated Faith outdoors, where the deer pants for water and where my soul thirsts for God! I haven’t made any s’mores yet (I don’t cook, lol) but I have started exploring how the Holy Spirit helps me navigate life…

One of the biggest AHAs I had from studying the “Explore” devotional written by Shanna (@illustratedfaith) was based on a simple strategy taught to us in school: defining words. Joy, hope and peace were the focus words and after looking them up I discovered that there was an expectation (noun) that was accompanied by an action (verb). For example, joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness (noun/expectation) but in order to receive it we must rejoice (verb/action). In exploration, you can’t pick and choose what you will rejoice over—you have to be open as you make new discoveries. Being closed-minded and pessimistic can cause you to not experience joy—this is why we must rejoice in ALL things, even the things that hurt! God has a plan and an expected end; we must take joy in knowing that He is truly watching over us!

I also looked up hope and peace and made similar discoveries. Feel free to take a peek at the pages of my camp book to learn more!

This upcoming week I am studying the Prayer devotional written by Tonya (@messybible). I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned!


Until next week, Campers…



The Confident Canvas

6 thoughts on “Revival Camp 2018: Explore

  1. Dr. Mon says:

    Yay! Glad you had a blessed time exploring. I found myself opening camp with lots of prayer and am expectant for revival. God gave me a good list of things He wants to revive in my life. I’ll be exploring and praying through those topics this month. Love your book set up!


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