Revival Camp 2018: Fellowship

Heeeeeeeyyyy Campers! This week I had the honor of studying fellowship, a Revival Camp devotional written by my dear friend, Llanet of @topknotsandjesus! I have to tell you: Llanet is not just a social media association–she is a friend who encourages and prays for me on a daily basis. We text each other for advice or to share a laugh. We have both sent each other random happy mail packages and we even share our hard times with each other.

When I read her heart in this devotion, which described how she has experienced fellowship hurt, I did not feel sad or overwhelmed. Why? I know that God allows us to have experiences that make us better as believers. When I tell you that Llanet is one of the most Spirit-led Christians on Fire for God, I mean it! She is so giving and loving that you feel like you had a personal encounter with God after being with her.

Llanet has developed such strong fellowship muscles after previously being knocked down in the ring; now she is fighting for and practicing strengthened fellowships–and she is winning! I am so proud of my Queenfriend for being so open, honest and dedicated to serving God’s flock. In my Camp notebook, you will notice that I celebrate our friendship, a lot! Lol!

This final week of the first session of Revival Camp, I am studying the Heart devotional written by me! (OMGoodness!!) Looking forward to sharing about my process for writing it and the beautiful illustrations others have tagged me in on social media!

Until next week, Campers…



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4 thoughts on “Revival Camp 2018: Fellowship

  1. Jessica Nicolas says:

    Zoomed in to read Llanet’s fellowship devotion and was blessed. DEF getting the next one! Thank you for sharing! ♡♡♡


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