Revival Camp 2018: Prayer


Hello Campers!! I am still in the wild Illustrated Faith outdoors, but unfortunately there has been a lot of daily, heavy rains in Maryland! It seems like these thunderstorms come out of absolutely nowhere—it can be sunny one moment and then the skies suddenly darken. Without warning, the rain would just pour down in some of the biggest drops I’ve ever seen! And then, out of nowhere (again) it becomes sunny. I was not happy about having to walk through muddy areas in drenched clothes, but it was MY fault because I did not listen to the communication coming from the weatherman nor was I prepared with an umbrella—I wasn’t covered.

Tonya (@messybible) reminds us in her devotional this week that this is what life looks like.  We are more often being a do-er instead of a pray-er, staying in communication with God. I find myself so ready for the day that I begin doing all I have written on my to do list instead of covering myself through prayer first (then I get mad when I get caught in the rain, lol!).

I love the line that says “The gap between our lips and His ears is the shortest distance in all creation.” Unlike being caught in torrential rains where just getting out of the car and making it to the porch can be a chore, prayer is a gateway to finding the calm in the storm. And it doesn’t mean that the rains won’t come; it means that you will be covered when they do. Your prayers are more effective than your “do”—DO prayer first!

This upcoming week I am studying the Fellowship devotional written by Llanet (@topknotsandjesus). Looking forward to sharing what I learn!


Until next week, Campers…



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