So you don’t want to write on the Word…

A common question I get from those who are not familiar with Bible journaling is how can I read the text after coloring over it. The truth is, the book that I journal in is not the same Bible that I study from. However, there is an alternative to coloring over the words: create only in the margins!

Journaling Bibles have extended space for writing, creating and more. If you only want to focus on one Bible, try creating only in the extended space. Here are a few examples…

Watercolor in the margins and hand-letter (or use alpha stickers). I added a small bird die cut and cloud post-it notes!

Acrylic paint scraping in the margins (using an old gift card—baby wipes can be used for darker strokes) and hand-letter (or use alpha stickers). Be sure to use a very thin layer of paint—it’s easier to build than remove!

Layering small stickers on top of each other for a clustered look.

Using a tip in: Paper added to the page using washi tape. I use washi on both sides of the added paper for stability. Private journaling can be done underneath.

In closing, you do not have to paint the entire page to create something beautiful! Just as music, clothing and other parts of culture have changed, so has forms of worship. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore, but we can change the way we worship Him, especially if other ways are not effective. I’m a creative, so I struggle with just listening to someone talk about God—I want them to show me. Bible journaling allows that outlet for me. And don’t ask your grandmother what she thinks, lol. Getting the approval of man instead of God to do Bible journaling can cause you to become conflicted in your thoughts. Pray about it and follow His lead ONLY.



The Confident Canvas

2 thoughts on “So you don’t want to write on the Word…

  1. beautywithaplan says:

    Queen, I love all the tips you shared. I think I struggle with covering the entire page. And honestly, I’m not sure why. I have other bible that I can read from. Eventually i will start trying new techniques. I just bought some watercolor, so i can’t wait to try something new. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement.


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