#RevealYourTeal: Week 1

Between March to the end of the first week of April, my #revealyourteal hashtag was flooded with 275 posts!! The Bible journaling community flooded the internet with teal decorated bible pages filled with messages of hope and empowerment! Thanks to our sponsors (listed in this post) the participants had plenty of teal images, words and other graphics to use. Prayers were being lifted for victims; survivors were releasing buried stories…

My Biggest Victory…

A short while ago, my dear friend and sponsor, Kelly of @printprayslay, tagged me under one of her favorite mixed media artists, Ali Brown of @alibrownie. In a short time, Ali became my friend (my home skillet biscuit with butter and bacon drizzled with honey) and an inspiration to my mixed media/journaling life. We chatted almost daily in IG messages. After sharing the campaign with her, she revealed her truth to me. I was honored to be trusted, saddened at her experience and prayerful that she would one day have the courage to openly share. Well… watch this video!

Week 1: Winner!

“Oh, I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader…” Over 15 posts and 5 bible journaling pages later, Kim Hazer of @thevintagegodgirl started promoting sexual assault awareness on March 26th–approximately a week before April 1st!

This was one of her many photos during the first week of #revealyourteal! She dyed her hair, painted her nails and wore garments in teal to further promote the mission!

Look at all of the work Kim did in only a week!

An up close look at her beautiful bible pages:

I am especially proud and in admiration of how she has raised her daughter to be sensitive to and an advocate for this cause. Having these conversations with young people is so important!

What an honor it was to have Kim’s support! In able to further support her, she will receive our first sponsored giveaway:

  • Unbothered Queen Cards: @laquishahall
  • Mixed Media Print: @besavedbygrace
  • Teal Holographic Bow: @heatherlanedesigns
  • Mental Health Skills Workbook: @compulsivecrafts

This is a beautiful time in 2018 that I will never forget!



The Confident Canvas

One thought on “#RevealYourTeal: Week 1

  1. beautywithaplan says:

    Queen, I don’t know if I am following Kim but if not I will be. She’s AMAZING! I love her hair and nails. I can’t believe she was able to find so much teal. I haven’t been so lucky, I’ve only been able to find a few things here and there. I guess I’m just going to have to take donations from MY home skillet biscuit with butter and bacon drizzled honey. I wonder who that could be? LOL


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