Erin Condren 2018-19 Teacher Lesson Planner Review

I have the awesome opportunity to review a beautiful planner and its necessities for educators created by Erin Condren (EC)! I am too excited to share about the:

  • Reusable On Trend & Eco Friendly Bag
  • Neoprene Lunch Tote
  • Two Sided Metallic Dashboard
  • Sticky Notes (220)
  • Colorful Date Dots (432 dots for 12 months)
  • Elastic Bands (3)
  • Designer Note Card Set (50 cards with binder ring)
  • Lined Sticky Notes (30)
  • Sticker Book (16 pages of metallic stickers)
  • Designer Pocket Folder
  • 2019 Desk/Wall Calendar
  • Wet Erase Marker Set (4)
  • Colorful Dual-Tip Markers (3)
  • Stencil Sheet
  • Teacher Lesson Planner
  • First, I just want to say that I have been eyeing the Life Planners for the longest! I am so honored to experience the excitement of the EC family and excited to join through daily planning for school–a planner that I know I will use from beginning to end, lol!
  • The EC Teacher Lesson Planner has an updated layout and refreshed design. Since this is my first time experiencing EC products, I cannot compare it to former editions. However, this planner has everything I would need and want in it as a teacher–this should be all that I have to carry other than my iPad and files filled with scholar work. This is the largest planner I own and I love how much space there is to write. The thickness and quality of the paper feels incredible and prevents bleed through. I could gaze at the colorful (interchangeable) cover all day–I am sure looking at it will bring me joy on potentially stressful days. Some of the cover options include foil and they cost a few dollars more but it is so worth it! The cover is well-laminated and designed to partner well with the Wet Erase Marker Set. I would not have thought of this but having a wet erase “clipboard” inside the front and back cover is perfect for jotting down quick notes! Inside the pages is even more awesome (please keep in mind that the planner you order is customizable–what I am sharing is what arrived in the planner I received):
    • Teacher Introduction Page
      Resource (2 pages)
      Communication Logs (2 pages)
      Year View Calendar (July 2018-December 2019)
      Year Plan/Goals Pages (January to December)
      Graph & Notes (6 pages)
      Monthly: Notes (2), Monthly Calendar View (2), Weekly Lesson Plans (4 weeks), Lined Note Pages (2), Checklist/Student Roster Pages (14 lists), foil stickers, foil pocket (double sided) and dashboards/clear pockets (2)

    Nothing will be left behind with all of these essentials to successful organization of the school year–and it’s all pretty (bye, bye black and white typed pages thrown into a 3 ring binder, lol).I am so grateful to be able to try this variety of products because honestly I often only purchase the planner and not the matching accessories. These EC accessories are going to have me feeling like the Queen of the school, lol! From the lunch box to the pen sets, these accessories are hot necessities–and they all match! I love that I can attach the sticky notes to the planner itself by snapping them into the coil. A lot of the products are able to be attached to the coils in the planners so that it will all be easy to transport (I mean, I cannot tell you how many times I frantically looked through my desk for a quick sticky note!) The only problem I foresee with the accessories: hoarding. Lord, help me to use every single sticker, pen and page this school year! As you can see in the following photos, I have already started using them! Yay!Out of the all of the items I have received (outside of the planner), my favorite is the EC Designer Note Card Set. I love, love, LOVE being optimistic and having reminders around me to help me maintain this mindset. I plan to use the this card set with the binder ring to write an affirmation, quote or scripture weekly to empower myself. This set can also be used for academics, for example, math teachers could write formulas on individual cards or history teachers could write important historical figures/dates. As an English teacher, I thought about writing literary terms or difficult vocabulary but I usually post this type of information on chart paper to post on the walls… so, the card set is for me, lol! Out of the all the items I have received (outside of the planner), I believe that the item that will be the most used will be the reusable bag. I want to keep all of my EC things together and this bag is large enough to hold it all! The material reminds me of a raincoat but it is very sturdy. I love the bright print on the bag. According to the EC website, this planner will bring color to my classroom–it will bring so much more! I am happy to see the bold prints, giddy about using my planner stickers (because I totally need to see them as I read what the homework assignments will be for my scholars, lol)) and so much more! I plan to plan and have fun while doing it! If you are following me on Instagram (@ConfidentCanvas) join me for my fun giveaway! Share in the comments something that you appreciate teachers doing and tag a friend! A winner and their tagged friend will each win a $50 gift certificate to shop at EC!Thank you so much to for giving me these products to review.xo,LaQuisha The Confidence Canvas

    4 thoughts on “Erin Condren 2018-19 Teacher Lesson Planner Review

    1. robinludwig says:

      Mrs. Hall-Queen of it All with this EC Planner! If I were still teaching, I would want one. You are right. The accessories are awesome. I love the way your photos also showcased a few of your teaching materials. Just seeing how you approach things in your classroom makes me want to visit your school. What a blessing you are to your scholars! It’s much too early in summer vacation to wish you a great school year…however, I can tell from these photos you’re going to have one! Love you! Robin


    2. Meka says:

      I loved reading your review and browsing your photos (repeatedly)! It made me want a Teacher Planner and all of the accessories with it– and I’m not even a teacher!


    3. Brittany williams says:

      On your note cards and in certain places in your EC planner, the are pictures of women. Are those stickers? If so where can I buy some?


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