Beautiful Bible Bunch: Napkin Technique

Hello royalty! I know it’s been a few Monday’s since you have heard from me! At the end of the #RevealYourTeal campaign, my life got super busy! Lol! At the end of April, I found out that I won Baltimore City Teacher of the Year and it was so unexpected but absolutely amazing! The next week I had to throw the first pitch for the Orioles… so yeah, I could not craft nor blog for a while… lol! Thank you so much for being patient with me! I love you all for supporting and cheering me on during that time!

Now that I’ve explained that… I also had scheduled my first in person bible journaling class for what I’ve called the #BeautifulBibleBunch (BBB) in May. Because of the swift change in my life mentioned above, I rescheduled the class for June 30th. I am not only glad I rescheduled but I was so happy to sell all 10 of my anticipated seats! Won’t He do it?!!

The above video by my hubby (@mr_pageant_coach) highlights some of our excitement! I created the BBB to be a group of women who come together regularly to worship the Lord! Together, we will create beautiful bible pages with a bunch of beautiful believers! With our youngest participant being 16 years old, our goal was accomplished this past Saturday–God was in the midst!

When the BBB arrived, they each had a seat at the table designed with a hand-lettered name sticker, over 20 different decorative napkins, spiritual swag including an inspirational bracelet and crown bow crafted with love by me. After all this swag, they got another surprise gift to use in their journaling. These gifts were given for various reasons, for examples, who traveled the furthest (Bonte came from Virginia!), who completed the social media challenge first and who signed up the latest.

We cried and prayed together, shared our favorite scriptures and why and I taught these beautiful women the napkin technique. They each beautifully designed their favorite scripture and supported each other in the process! For the majority of them, this was the day they received their first journaling bible.

Check out some of the finished bible pages:

My heart was overwhelmed at all of the love shared on this day! Midway through the event, they asked when was I planning to host it again, lol. If you missed us this time, join us on August 18, 10:00-12:30 at the Owings Mills Public Library to watercolor together!

Thank you to the beautiful souls who sponsored some of the spiritual swag given out on this day! You can follow them on Instagram:








My heart was overwhelmed when I reviewed my final evaluations… I didn’t receive less than a 10… this was a reminder to me of God’s unfailing love for us. No, we don’t always do everything right and it might happen later than we desire but if you stay faithful to God He will be pleased.

I am thankful this beautiful bunch was so happy but truly the pleasure was mine! Such a lovely time of fellowship and worship!! I cannot wait to do this again!



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