#RevealYourTeal: Week 2

As if the weeks could not get any better… like the Bible journalers, the planners knocked the ball out of the park with amazing posts! The planner designs were gorgeous, highlighting teal alphas, washi tape and stickers from our sponsors and a variety of other places… it was such an empowering view!

I would love to share an individual who really shined in their planner throughout the week but the truth is there were so many that it was hard to choose! So this week, there are 2 winners! Here are 7 posts (and they both made more than 7 posts in one week!) from each of them…



A very special thank you to both of these queens for keeping the light on for survivors through their thoughtful Instagram posts!

I am also super excited to share that the April planner kit from the Planner Society features two of my favorite colors: teal and gold! Definitely divine as the sexual assault awareness color ribbon is teal. The Planner Society is sponsoring an April kit for a survivor who is bold and courageous enough to share their story publicly for the first time… an online SheRose Awards, if you will. Congratulations to the following survivor for stepping out on faith and beginning her healing journey!

Iridescent is a sexual abuse and domestic violence survivor. Her abuse, which began in her teen years, did not stop her from becoming who God has called her to be. Now a loving mother and creative planner girl, she shares that she survived in hopes of helping someone else heal. Thank you, Iridescent, for your courage and know that we stand with you as you continue to heal.

The creative community never ceases to amaze me… they have stood behind and for survivors this month in a major way, a movement that will never be forgotten.



The Confident Canvas

One thought on “#RevealYourTeal: Week 2

  1. Kim Hazer says:

    So courageous Iridescent!!! I know how challenging this step forward can be. So proud of you!!! 💙 Praying for you as you continue moving through this journey & sending the biggest hugs!!!


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